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REDD's Apple Ale

Redd's Apple Launcher

My Role On The Project

Producer. Photographer. On Set Talent (lol).

When MillerCoors launched Redd‘s Apple Ale with TV spots featuring apples hitting people in the head we thought, why not let the internet throw them as well? Thus, the Redd‘s Apple Launcher campaign was born, and came to life for two full weeks as a livestreamed interactive Facebook sweepstakes including over $50,000 in prizes.

But this wasn‘t any ordinary campaign. Just about every element involved — from the concept, to the set, to the internet-controlled cannon and web application — had to be invented from scratch. It was a first of its kind: hundreds of thousands of people, from all across the country, aiming and firing a custom-built launcher in real-time. The result? A lot of delight and even more destruction.