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My Role On The Project

Project Lead. Product Manager. Copywriter. 

Meet Viable, an iOS app built to provide an initial scan of if, and how, your new venture's name already exists in the universe. Using a custom algorithm, Viable pulls data from Domainr, Twitter, Facebook, Markify (trademark registration), the App Store, Product Hunt, and Angel List to calculate a unique "viability score". 

You can download Viable from the App Store for free, here. You can now also enable the Viable Alexa Skill for free, here


All returned searches fall within one of four categories: "not viable", "fairly viable", "extremely viable", and "viable af".

Beyond just the viability score, users have the ability to view and interact with four unique categories directly related to their search query:

Domains provides a list of top domains pertaining to the search term— .com, .co, .net, .me, .org, .io, .us, .info, .biz, and .it — and their availability.

Products shows apps in the App Store (rating, company, and price), on Product Hunt (product name and tagline), and startups on Angel List.

Trademarks shows the active state, filing date, name, registrant, and categories of the TM’s related to the user’s search.

Definitions pull from Urban Dictionary and Pearsons to provide full official and unofficial definitions of the search term.