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Marketing Project Manager


As the marketing PM I worked with cross-functional leaders from design, operations, culinary, finance, strategy, people, and development, to ensure that all brand initiatives were executed and delivered on-time and within budget. Additionally, I spearheaded the fleet-wide digitization of shops and operations, which resulted in a projected annual cost savings of over $620k.



In order to create efficiencies and streamline the output of marketing and brand assets I developed a company-wide creative process. Through implementation and iteration the below process was conceived and put in place — increasing time efficiency and asset production significantly.

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One of my main focuses during my tenure at &pizza was digitizing the shop — bringing static menus and various marketing touchpoints into the 21st century by establishing a dynamic content canvas. 

I worked with the founder to concept the in-shop digital content strategy. I led the RFP process for digitizing all 26 shops — from vendor selection and negotiations to site surveys, hardware and software selection, design, and implementation planning.

digital menu boards
43" screens in the overbar at the new Reston, VA location.

43" screens in the overbar at the new Reston, VA location.



I collaborated with various vendors to create high quality uniforms that met the brand's high aesthetic standards and cut overall costs. I ran cost evaluation exercises, which resulted in phasing out certain products with margins that couldn't be justified. I led the curation,  execution, and standardization of a new line of uniforms for all employees that showcased the brand in fresh, cost-effective way.

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Decreased swag costs by 46%

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